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Jennifer Mandelbaum

Los Angeles native, Jenny Mandelbaum, is a rising star in the real estate world. Her hands on approach and specific expertise in Hancock Park has made her the go to girl for this niche market. Having intimate knowledge of the neighborhood and as a long time resident, Jenny not only has bonds within the sphere, but also understands the ongoing trends of this particular market.

Jenny graduated Suma Cum Laude from Brooklyn College with degrees in both business management and finance. Additionally, she lived in London for ten years building her international network and studying law and different architecture and design throughout Europe.

When describing Jenny, her peers use words such as “bright, kind, attentive and loyal’. She particularly prides herself on her honesty and makes her job extremely personal, creating bonds with her clients and keeping herself steadily available. Both her personal and professional experiences have forged her into a charismatic social engineer, who can connect with anybody and has brought her much success.

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The Altman Brothers are one of the premiere real estate groups locally, nationally and internationally, specifically dealing with high-end properties and exclusive clientele. Partnered with Douglas Elliman the Altman Brothers are full service real estate experts whose clients benefit from the custom tailored, hands on service while receiving all the exclusive amenities and resources of one of the most established and respected firms in the business.

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