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Josh: We Just Raised the Bar

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Josh Altman

Josh explains how he was able to sell one of the most famous LA estates while facing problems at home.

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay. Just got back from an amazing event that I spoke at, and I had the privilege of speaking with other great entrepreneurs. Another key to my success is surrounding myself with successful people as it elevates my game. I love mentoring students who have a passion for real estate. Being an expert in both the investor side and the agent side for over a decade allows me to mentor so many aspiring future real estate professionals.

Late for another listing meeting, but what’s there to say here? The Altman Brothers just raised the bar to a new level with the sale of the most famous estate in Los Angeles. Where others have not succeeded on this property…(Flagg, not surprised), The Altman Brothers proved why we are the difference in getting your house sold as opposed to just listed. Our global presence combined with our extensive affluent database and custom tailored, hands-on service gives our clients the advantage in selling their home for top dollar in the quickest amount of time.

This was a difficult episode to watch in regards to my personal life and relationship with Heather. It’s so hard to see her hurt. I go 100 miles an hour and don’t lift my head up to see what’s really going on. We both have very successful real estate businesses, which is very demanding and high stress. Adding anything more to our plate causes the balance that we barely have to tip, which is what happened with the wedding. We love each other so much and we will weather this storm together.

See you next week! (@thejoshaltman) (@thejoshaltman)


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