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ZAP 2 IT: ‘Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles’: Josh Altman makes real estate dreams real

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Kate O’Hare

It wasn’t that long ago that property values in California were in free fall. But, according to real estate agent Josh Altman of Bravo’s reality show “Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles,” returning Wednesday, Aug. 7, on Bravo, things are looking up.

“In L.A., we’re officially rebounded,” he tells Zap2it. “I think everybody learned a lesson. I don’t think we’re going to see another bubble burst. It’s not due to speculation at this point. It’s due to low interest rates, lack of inventory and people having their money back.”

Altman is one of three agents followed on the show, along with Josh Flagg and Madison Hildebrand. But according to the Massachusetts-born Altman, if clients want someone to knuckle down and get to business, he’s the one they call.

“At the end of the day,” he says, “it’s the people who actually research it and know that I sell five times what the other guys sell, and my reputation is not with the show; it’s what I’ve done. I’ve broken records right and left out here, so that’s the stuff that speaks volumes.

“I’m the guy who’s in the office at 7 a.m., and I’m there until 9 p.m., working. And my clients know that. It’s nonstop, and I love what do, so that’s where it really shines through.”

He also puts no faith in luck.
“Luck is — I’m not that guy,” says Altman. “I’m the guy who says if you want to be successful, get your butt in the office and work hard. I don’t wait for stuff to be given to me. I go after it, and I take it, and that’s my motto of how I got to where I am.”
And the passion for real estate even extends into Altman’s relationship with girlfriend Heather Bilyeu, who is also in the business.
“She gets me,” Altman says. “I don’t know if other couples get us, and I don’t know how many want to continue going out to dinner with us, because all we talk about is real estate.
“We are both in love with our job and in love with each other. All we talk about is real estate, and we have fun with it.”

As it turns out, they’re so much in love that Altman recently popped the question to Bilyeu, during a walk-through of a high-end listing — and she said yes.

Although this interview took place before the engagement, Altman had a humorous take on his future fatherhood, saying, “There’s definitely going to be little Altmans, because I have so many properties. I need help! Forget about school, they’re going to right to selling homes and selling real estate.”
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